Chinese Embassy in Colombo accuses US of sowing discord between China, Sri Lanka

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Colombo: Launching a major diplomatic counter-attack on the US, China Wednesday charged that the US envoy in Colombo was “sowing discord between China and Sri Lanka”

“‘China, China, China!’, our US colleague starts chanting this infamous mantra and blaming China as a ‘spoiler’ to the island’s negotiation with the IMF during her recent interview with a UK television program on Sri Lanka’s debt issue,” the Chinese Embassy in Colombo said on Twitter and also in a statement.

Beijing was responding to US Ambassador Julie Chung’s recent comment to BBC Newsnight on Sri Lankan’s debt crisis.

“The greater onus to move was on China, as the biggest bilateral lender,” the US Ambassador said adding: “We hope that they do not delay because Sri Lanka does not have time to delay. They need these assurances immediately.”

“For the sake of the Sri Lankan people, we certainly hope China is not a spoiler as they proceed to attain this IMF agreement,” the US Envoy said, slamming China.

In response, the Chinese Embassy tweeted: “Before her baseless accusing and lecturing, our US colleague should have at least asked herself: Who is the single largest shareholder of the IMF with a veto power over major policy decisions? Who is keeping printing US dollars, with more than $3 trillion in 2020 alone? Who are those private creditors owning 40% of Sri Lanka’s total external debt stock with the highest interest rates? Who sued Sri Lanka in its federal court immediately after the island’s default?

“The public may also like to know how the US has walked the talk to help the Sri Lankan

people when they have already received 10000 MT of rice, 9000 Liters of diesel, 5 billion LKR of medicines and 3 million fabric meters of school uniform materials gifted by China?

“They may also question what are the political pre-conditions of the US Aid while being assured by China’s ‘No strings attached’ commitment and practice.

“Isn’t it hypocrisy at its finest for our US colleague to play the blame game instead of a self-examination? After all, why didn’t the US take decisive actions in the IMF for a more comfortable solution for Sri Lanka? or extend a grant to the island with the rocket amount of US dollars they print every year, instead of sowing discord between China and Sri Lanka? Both Chinese and Sri Lankan people are wise enough to judge without any foreign lecturing who is the spoiler of our development.”


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