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Are you a dedicated audiophile or movie maven? Do you spend hours posted in front of YouTube watching reviews of the latest and greatest tech unboxings? Are you driving a family member crazy with talk of bass boosters, OLED 4k displays and breakthroughs in sound engineering? If this sounds a lot like you, then you’re not alone in today’s digital-focused world.

The way we, as a society, consume media has changed greatly from the first time black and white TV was introduced in the 20’s. We have grown from the family TV with antenna to a flat screen no more than a couple of millimetres thick in almost every room of the home, and as media and entertainment expands, so do the devices in which we consume it.

It is no surprise that dedicated home listening-rooms and theatres have been birthed from this fascination with media and the enjoyment of such. The global home entertainment space market is growing annually at a rate of 7.98 per cent, figures from Statista.com show. The average spend on redoing a room for a dedicated cinema is now roughly $50,000. Given, most kitchen renovations average $30,000, the budget for creating your very own Hollywood movie hideout looks as though it could be much steeper.

elegant living room with home theatre system - rendering
The global home entertainment space market is growing annually at a rate of 7.98 per cent, figures from Statista.com show

Making sure your viewing experience is elite takes a lot of planning and thinking. From measuring screen size and distance from the projector, having properly placed acoustic equipment and the right seating; planning and preparation is essential into having a viewing room ready for the next big feature. Comfort shouldn’t be underrated here, so consider all elements of the room – décor, flooring, acoustics, lighting and air-con and heating so that you can enjoy those blockbusters and streamed TV shows in the utmost comfort and style.

It is no surprise that amongst this community of DIY-ers and home theatre enthusiasts there is one renowned seating expert. As you prepare to spend three plus hours in one place, you’ll want to make sure it’s the right one, and Valencia Theater Seating will make sure that whatever you’re watching, it’s done in comfort.

Valencia is recognised by audiophiles and movie goers alike across social media platforms as one of the most comfortable, luxurious and worthwhile seating choices for those looking to elevate their entertainment. Each seat from Valencia comes covered in their award winning Italian top-grain leather that boasts a supremely soft and super supple matte finish for their higher grades. Valencia also offers a custom line produced by Gruppo Mastrotto that opens up more colour selections and even a customisation tool, so you can be sure that your home cinema is totally unique to your and your abode.

home theater media room with 4 chairs
Make your home centre stage for all the action with a dedicated home cinema room

If you are planning to re-do a space into a private, luxury home theatre, you can’t go wrong with this brand and with capabilities to add risers, bass boosters and custom embroidery to the seating, you are sure to be blown away by each of their styles, resulting in the perfect accompaniment to your sumptuous space.

While spending major money on your projectors, screens and tech; don’t forget to invest in your comfort too. The only thing you will need to decide on is what to watch first.

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