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Despite being squeezed into just 200 hectares, the minute principality of Monaco still manages to ooze endless attitude, extravagance and luxury, making it a magnet for the rich and famous.

Monaco’s proximity to the French Riviera and tax-free status attracts tourists from all over the world, as well as it being home to the annual Formula One Grand Prix and the iconic Casino de Monte Carlo. A truly unique spectacle in Europe, and a destination like no other, it is no wonder it has earned the nickname ‘glamour by the sea’.

If you want to avoid the summer crowds, you can opt for visiting Monaco in the winter – due to its mild Mediterranean climate, it is a perfect destination for those looking for some winter sun.

Being exceptionally tiny has some big benefits, and for Monaco, this is the ease of dipping your toes into all that it offers in just a day. In this article, we look at how to spend one day and night in the magnificent Monaco.

Monte Carlo

The meandering streets of Monte Carlo are also home to the annual Formula One Grand Prix, widely considered as one of the most prestigious races in the world. Image credit: Marcorubino/

Despite its prodigious wealth, Monte Carlo isn’t exactly the French Riviera’s prettiest town. Instead, it is a lavish and concrete world, jam packed with luxurious hotels and resorts, high-rise apartment blocks and super yachts lining the port. It is home to the most exclusive shopping promenade in the Mediterranean region, where you will find a cluster of forty high-end boutiques enticing visitors looking to splash some cash in the notorious tax haven. If opulent shopping is what you are after, you have certainly stepped into the right place.

The meandering streets of Monte Carlo are also home to the annual Formula One Grand Prix, widely considered as one of the most prestigious races in the world. Expect hordes of spectators to flock around the circuit during the Grand Prix weekend, with the high rollers arriving on their yachts through the harbour. If you’re not here for the race weekend, these streets may be quieter, but they still ooze the glamour of the event.

If you wish to experience the high octane race course yourself, you can rent a Ferrari and take to the infamous roads. Or you can just stroll around the course on foot, taking in all the twists and turns that the road has to offer at your own, much slower, pace.

If you’re in Monte Carlo for the evening, there is certainly one place you won’t want to miss. While you may have dabbled in a spot of gambling before, be it in an online UK casino or a local casino venue on a night out with friends, nothing is quite the same as stepping into the world of the iconic Casino de Monte Carlo. Sat on the Place du Casino, it wows with its Belle Epoque architecture on the outside, and it continues to impress as guests venture inside.

So, put on your finest black tie or cocktail dress and head to the casino that inspired the likes of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, among other Hollywood films. Here you can practice your best James Bond baccarat skills, spin the roulette wheel and dine in one of the gourmet restaurants, in a casino that epitomizes first-class luxury.

Monaco-Ville (Le Rocher)

monaco museum
The Oceanographic Museum is a museum of marine sciences in Monaco Ville

In dramatic contrast to the high-rise concrete jungle, the super yachts and the iconic casino, you have Le Rocher, which juts out of the south side of the port on a rocky headland. This old town district is the only part of Monaco that offers its own distinct charm, retaining its original old town while thrusting skywards on a pistol-shaped rock and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Here, you can spend some time wandering aimlessly through the historical quarter, the oldest part of the principality, strolling the winding medieval lanes lined with beautiful and colourful buildings. When your legs need a little rest, take a break in one of the many fabulous restaurants that reside here, serving up a whole range of cuisines, including the principality’s delicious food – Italian and French fusion.

If you find yourself in this district at night, you will witness some of the most famous buildings in their full glory. The Prince’s Palace and the Saint-Martin Garden both offer panoramic views over the nearby ports, and at sunset these views can be incredible.

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