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Looking for a unique luxury getaway this summer? Or perhaps you’re looking to relocate permanently to the destination – and property – of your dreams? Whatever your aspirations happen to be, Luxury Living Europe has got you covered, and will find your perfect high-end villa or prestige home for you with ease, anywhere in Europe.

Summer has long been seen as the ideal time to get away in Europe for a much-needed break, but for some, the crowds and queues can prove overwhelming. Suddenly, a luxury five-star hotel doesn’t seem quite as opulent when sunbeds are filled by 8am and there’s a long wait for a table at dinner, so it’s perhaps little wonder that many affluent travellers prefer to find themselves a more exclusive base from which to enjoy their break.

A lavish private villa – whether it’s in the hills, overlooking the coast or right on the beach – offers complete privacy and seclusion, both of which are important to travellers who want to relax, unwind and disconnect from the outside world a little.

luxury villa with swimming pool
The demand for high-end, bespoke travel is growing exponentially year on year and the desire to own quality homes to rent out and live in is also booming

Finding the perfect property in your chosen destination, however, can often be a tricky process, especially when you’re attempting to book from afar. That’s where luxury holiday villa rental and prestige property company Luxury Living Europe comes in, and whether you have designs on a hidden Tuscan hideaway, a sprawling haven in the Balearics, or a lavish gem of a villa on one of Greece’s most exclusive islands, they can find just the right property to suit your needs.

Unlike most agents, the company’s operations – and offerings – aren’t limited to just one area. And, because it also helps those looking to make a permanent move to find their ideal home from home in a destination of their dreams, as well as selling exclusive properties across Europe’s most highly sought-after hot spots, it’s uniquely placed to offer the whole package to anyone craving a little bit of continental sunshine.

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Luxury Living Europe have the finest selection of villas to rent and houses for sale in Europe

In fact, the range of services it provides, all under one roof, is rare, and it’s precisely this fact that has quickly made Luxury Living Europe the go-to choice for affluent holidaymakers, property investors and relocators alike, and thanks to the first-class service it offers at every stage, you can be certain of a seamless experience from start to finish should you choose the company to aid in your search.

Priding itself on having a thorough understanding of the needs and desires of its customer base’s unique set of needs, discretion, privacy and an efficient service that saves busy clients time are all guaranteed – and with a plethora of gorgeous properties to choose from almost anywhere in Europe you can think of, prepare to be spoilt for choice.

Luxury Living Europe owner Rick Flay
Luxury Living Europe owner Rick Flay has over 30 years of experience in the property field

Fancy a little taster of what’s on offer? The breath-taking Villa Oceano in San Jose, Ibiza, is flanked by dramatic cliffs and enjoys spectacular sea views, with direct access to the pristine Ses Bouques beach below, and sleeps up to 12 guests, boasting seven spacious bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Meanwhile, over on the Portuguese Algarve, Villa Thyme in Dorada is nestled amidst a sprawling estate and exemplifies understated chic. Similar in size to Villa Oceano, inside, you’ll find beautifully designed contemporary spaces that exude a sense of calm – an idyllic spot for a lavish summer getaway.

Of course, these are just for starters, with other popular destinations including all of the Balearic islands and Spain’s Costa Del Sol, the stunning Italian region of Umbria and the island of Sicily, and the southern French Riviera.

But with endless possibilities, the choice on offer certainly doesn’t end there – and the company has also become renowned for its lavish accommodation options for those heading off on a ski break to Italy, Austria, France and Switzerland, with plush chalets nestled in breath-taking alpine landscapes making the perfect place to rest and unwind after a day on the slopes.

private jet on beach
All Luxury Living Europe consultants are experienced and trained to help you achieve you dreams

“The locations we cover and the properties we have available will continue to expand but will always be the best,” says Luxury Living Europe owner Rick Flay.

“We have access to a huge of properties some of which are not on the website because the owner has asked for a degree of discretion and privacy, but if our customers let us know which destination they have in mind and the type of property they envision, we’ll endeavour find them somewhere that fits the bill.”

With over 30 years of experience in the property field, Rick has built a successful international career as an estate agent, investor, and a finance provider for both residential and commercial property. Not only that, but he also counts having been involved in two beachfront developments in Sydney, Australia amongst his proudest achievements, and has made a name for himself thanks to his ability to maximise marketing exposure for prestige properties and ensure they reach the widest possible targeted audience.

Relax, reward yourself and enjoy the best things in life

Suffice it to say that he’s extremely well-placed to help wealthy customers find what they’re looking for – and if you’re on the other end and looking to make a quick sale on your luxury property for an excellent price, then he’s adept at making it happen.

The demand for high-end and bespoke travel is growing exponentially by the year – and so, too, is the desire amongst affluent individuals and investors to own breath-taking luxury homes in mainland Europe to either rent out or live in. If this applies to you, then Luxury Living Europe has got you covered, and thanks to its efficient concierge service, the process of securing or selling your ideal luxury villa couldn’t be simpler or more stress free.

The icing on the cake and offering a whole new level of luxury, users can discuss their preferences in detail with Luxury living Europe’s expert team and let them do the hard work, sourcing tailored and personalised recommendations to save you time – whether it’s a home with an infinity pool and a hot tub, a private chef to look after you during your holiday stay, or airport pickup.

Head over to luxurylivingeurope.com to browse some of the properties currently on offer, and to find your perfect match

If you’re interested in a luxury holiday in the sun or the snow, have a house to sell and want to have exposure to high net worth individuals, or own a villa you would like to rent out, then look no further. Head over to luxurylivingeurope.com to browse some of the properties currently on offer, and to find your perfect match.

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