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With the nights drawing in and the blustery weather becoming more frequent, it’s all too tempting to clear away your garden and practically ignore it during the autumn and winter months until spring makes its bright, inviting debut. It may feel like there isn’t much to be done or fun to be had in your outdoor spaces, but we are here to change your opinions on all of that.

Though hibernating inside in front of the fire with a cup of something warm in hand and cosied up under a blanket may seem all to appealing, it’s also good to balance this with a bit of time outside, too, especially if you work indoors. There is an array of health benefits to being outside during the autumn and winter, both for physical and mental reasons, from improving mood and stress levels, getting some much-needed Vitamin D, to having access to better air quality, and so much more.

If you’re wondering how you can best enjoy your garden during the autumn and winter months, read on for our top tips.

Consider installing a dedicated office building on your property

Install a garden office building

If you live in a busy household and are trying to work at home, it is a good idea to find somewhere that you can escape to, so your focus is fully on the task at hand. To avoid going to the local café, which isn’t exactly a productive working space, consider installing a dedicated office building on your property.

It is a great way to ensure you are dedicated to your work, whether it’s your full-time job, studies, or an attempt at writing that best-selling novel, and it can also be used for other purposes, such as a space purely for your artistic pursuits. Come rain or shine, your outdoor workspace will provide the perfect haven for productive days, check out Garden Office Buildings for a great pick of bespoke, contemporary designs to suit your space and needs.

Get gardening

While a garden may bloom in spring and summer, it’s down to the wetter and less sunny months to put the work in, so that sun-drenched barbeques and garden parties are offset with a beautifully styled space. Now is a good time to plant trees, tidy up your borders and prune any rose bushes or shrubs that could benefit from a trim.

Now is a good time to plant trees, tidy up your borders and prune any rose bushes or shrubs that could benefit from a trim

Enjoy evergreens, ones that fill edges and corners of your garden all the time to ensure your garden is a welcoming and stylish place year-round. Camellias are a great choice, not only to they look elegant all year, but they’ll regularly bloom, and when it comes to spring, remember to plant some autumn flowering bulbs such as dahlias, crocuses and begonias.

Winter proof seating areas

Though it’s somewhat less sunny and warm during autumn and winter, there will still be some surprisingly bright days, and you’ll want to make sure that you make the most of the moments. Consider how you can enjoy these pockets of winter sun – perhaps a bench in a bright spot with a heater that you can bring out to stay warm so that you can enjoy the outdoors for longer. It might also be worth getting some cover that will protect you from rain but allow you to sill be outside breathing that fresh air.

There is an array of health benefits to being outside during the autumn and winter

A relaxing retreat

Ideal year-round, hot tubs are a great way to spend time outdoors, whether it’s day or night, hot or cold and even raining. Temperature controlled and with lights and sometimes speakers, there no need to shy away from your garden when you have a warm, bubbly experience to had outside. If you’re not a fan of a hot tub, then try a sauna, it won’t matter what the weather’s doing when you’re sweating away inside, and the cold weather will be a perfect way to cool down once your session is over.

Create a winter wonderland

String up fairy lights, place lanterns around and gather your outdoor ornaments, signs and foliage to create an inviting space to appreciate. You could change up the themes as the months pass – Halloween and Christmas are great places to start – and get other members of your household involved, and if you’re particularly partial to going over the top with Christmas decorations, you could always open up your garden to the public and ask for donations to a charity.

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