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Revamp Your Beauty Bag: Best Toiletry Bags For Women

Perhaps the most underrated of all bags, a good toiletry bag can mean the difference between a leaky, clothes-ruining disaster, and poised orderly elegance.

We all spend time and money carefully curating our collection of makeup and skincare. So, it only makes sense to encase it in the best toiletry bags, too.

Whether you’re a member of the Wanderlust club and hardly step foot on home soil, or you don’t need a vacation because you live the life you love already (go you!), a good toiletry bag is an absolute must-have.

Fortunately, with our guide, you’ll easily find the perfect toiletry bag to match your personality and needs. 

So, whether you’re seeking something simple and sleek, multi-pocketed, glitteringly glamorous, or totally travel-friendly, (or, all of the above!), our list will help you find your gorgeous new toiletry bag.

The 15 best toiletry bags for women

To help you find the right toiletry bag for your style and budget, check our guide to choosing the best toiletry bags for women after the list.

NUORI Getaway Case Set: Best overall toiletry bag

best toiletry bag women nuori travel case review - Luxe Digital

If your signature style is elegant, understated and functional, the NUORI Getaway Case Set will be perfect as your home toiletry bag or when travelling.

You’re actually getting two toiletry bags here: a large solid case that can double as a cosmetic bag, and a transparent insert that can be used separately as an internationally approved travel liquids container.

The large bag offers generous spaces for all your daily essentials. The smaller pouch is just the right size to keep your liquids safe and protected. Water-resistant fabric means that any spillages can be swept away efficiently, without leaving any unsightly marks. Both are made from premium and vegan materials to last you a lifetime.

Best for: Those seeking a durable, functional travel toiletry organiser that’s great for staying home, too.

Colours: Neutral, rose, ocean, black.

Away The Dopp Kit: Best high-end toiletry bag

best dopp kit men away review - Luxe Digital

For ultimate minimalist flair, look no further than The Dopp Kit by luggage megabrand Away.

With a thoughtful design that’s quintessential of Away, the classically styled toiletry bag comes with two zipped interior pockets, plus an exterior one. So, you can organise to your heart’s content.

Made from nylon and leather, the coated waterproof interior serves to keep leakages from getting out, as well as preventing any from getting in. When you’re travelling, that’s the kind of duo you need.

Although it’s crafted to complement the brand’s luggage range, the muted colour palette of The Dopp Kit by Away will nicely align with almost any suitcase or backpack, while fitting comfortably inside.

Best for: Those who already own Away luggage, or those seeking a clean, chic and functional toiletry bag.

Colours: Asphalt or Black.

Gonex: Best value toiletry bag

best dopp kit men value gonex review - Luxe Digital

Gonex offers the Travel Toiletry Bag, which is easy on the wallet, yet offers pretty much everything you need from a toiletry bag.

The three compartments are complete with a transparent mesh pouch so you quickly locate your beauty essentials, while the durable zips should provide excellent longevity.

Crafted from water-resistant durable nylon, the Gonex Travel Toiletry Bag is lightweight (so, great for carry-ons!) and easy to wipe clean if you do have any rogue liquids.

It folds down to a fraction of its size when not in use, so you can easily tuck it away when you’ve got no need for it.

Best for: Those seeking a toiletry bag that’s excellent value, but doesn’t cut any corners.

Colours: Red, Black, or Blue.

BOACAY: Best hanging toiletry bag

best toiletry bag women hanging boacay - Luxe Digital

Made with quality materials and super durable zips, the Premium Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag by BOACAY could be a great choice if you just want to bring… Everything.

The metal hook allows you to hang it up easily, so you can have the luxury of a beauty cabinet, no matter where you are.

There are multiple leakproof pockets on the interior (a grand total of sixteen), plus an abundance of handy elastic loops, so you can emulate the organisation of a Hollywood makeup artist effortlessly.

If your idea of essentials is a Burt’s Bees lip balm and a hairbrush, the tall front pocket will actually fit a small iPad inside. So, use the BOACAY Premium Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag to carry whatever is essential to you.

Best for: Those seeking a sturdy, hanging toiletry kit which is large enough to hold your essentials, and much more.

Colours: Black Sapphire, Cerise Pink, or Quartz Grey.

Lermende: Best clear toiletry bag for carry-on travel

best toiletry bag women clear carry-on lermende - Luxe Digital

Frequent flyer? It’s time to say goodbye to the plastic Ziploc bag forever! Lermende have you covered with their Clear Toiletry Bag, which could be perfect if you travel often.

The transparent PVC makes it easy for both you and TSA to check out what you’ve got inside, while the waterproofing will keep your flight spill-free.

It could be the best toiletry bag for carry-on luggage, as it’s designed to easily slide into your bag and still leave space for plenty of in-flight reading material. Plus, the sturdy zip promises to endure flight after flight.

The Lermende Clear Toiletry Bag comes in a handy three-piece set, so you can bring as much or as little as you like!

Best for: Those who travel frequently, and are so over the airport-provided plastic bags.

Colours: Transparent.

Lavievert Cosmetic Bag: Best travel case for toiletries

best toiletry bag women travel case lavievert - Luxe Digital

Whether you’re going for a weekend city break, a week in the Bahamas or a countryside retreat, the Lavievert Cosmetic Bag might just be your new favourite travel companion.

Go Large: This robust, family size travel bag is spacious enough for a towel (the mesh pocket is great for this), plus a considerable amount of daily essentials. 

So, if you’re travelling with family, or you just have an impressive collection of skincare and beauty products, this travel toiletry bag could be perfect.

The main compartment is positively palatial in size, so you can pack like a queen. And, the zipped side pockets come with elastic loops so you can organise your brushes, tweezers, and combs.

Plus, it’s got a brilliant little handle for easy carrying if you’re just heading to the gym, and the hook makes it a wise choice for a travel shower bag.

Of course, the Lavievert Cosmetic Bag is water-resistant, so any unexpected mess will be well and truly contained.

Best for: Those who do not like to travel light, or those travelling with families.

Colours: Purple, Blue or Black.

Skog Å Kust DoppSåk: Best waterproof toiletry bag

best toiletry bag women waterproof skog a kust - Luxe Digital

If you regularly experience leakages and spills, no matter how tight you close those lids (hey, sometimes it’s just genetic), the Waterproof Travel Toiletry Bag by Skog Å Kust could be the best thing to happen to you.

Crafted with a huge focus on waterproofing, this toiletry bag is made from TPU-coated Cordura ripstop material, plus an airtight zip which all go ways to protect you from any spills within.

All that, and it looks cool too. The Waterproof Travel Toiletry Bag by Skog Å Kust has got an outdoorsy, active vibe which clearly means business, especially when it comes to leaks.

The strong nylon strap makes it super easy to transport, and when you’re not using it, it compresses down into a barely-there size. Plus, the numerous compartments should keep you organised along the way.

Best for: Those seeking a durable, totally waterproof toiletry bag.

Colours: Black, Charcoal Grey, Midnight Blue.

Bellroy Classic Pouch: Best compact toiletry bag

best toiletry bag women small compact bellroy - Luxe Digital

What this toiletry bag may lack in size, it makes up for versatility, functionally, and overall, pure style. Small, but perfectly formed, the Classic Pouch by Bellroy provides enough space for your essentials.

For such a compact design, it’s surprisingly adaptable– it comes complete with mesh pockets, plus a discrete side pocket with magnetic closure.

The small toiletries bag has a broad zip which opens out super wide, so you can quickly access whatever you need, avoiding awkward fumbles.

Plus, the conjunction of sustainably-produced fabric and environmentally certified leather intertwine to create this Classic Pouch by Bellroy, accented with a modern aesthetic.

Best for: Those seeking a small, but effective toiletry bag for their bare essentials.

Colours: Black, Charcoal, or Marine Blue.

IQ Travels 3-in-1 Hanging Toiletry Bag: Best large toiletry bag

best dopp kit men hanging IQTravels review - Luxe Digital

If practicality is what you desire from your toiletry bag, check out the 3-in-1 Hanging Toiletry Bag by IQ Travels.

Truly supreme in size and functionality, this extra-large toiletry bag is excellent for bringing everything you could possibly need. Forget inferior, never-big-enough travel-sized essentials; bring your whole shampoo and conditioner (plus space for your hair masque) in this family-sized toiletry bag.

If you’re only going on a short trip, you can easily adjust the size, from XL, down to a more compact bag.

There’s plenty of inner storage compartments, plus elastic loops and mesh pockets, so you can organise your things how you see fit.

The IQ Travels 3-in-1 Hanging Toiletry Bag features a helpful hook, so you can save countertop space, too. And, with capacity for all those toiletries, that’s definitely going to be useful.

Best for: Those seeking a large toiletry bag for family use or longer trips.

Colours: Black.

Safari Large Travel Toiletry Bag: Best family-size toiletry bag

best toiletry bag women family size safari - Luxe Digital

If you’re the person in charge of packing for your family, the Large Travel Toiletry Bag by Safari could be the new addition.

Keep everything simple and contained, in one family-size toiletry bag. Big enough for full-size bottles of shampoo, you and your loved ones won’t go without next time you head off to the sun (or snow!).

There are five roomy compartments (two of them are helpfully transparent) so you can assign one to each member of your clan, or organise items into hair products, skincare, and medicine.

Each compartment in the Safari Large Travel Toiletry Bag is made from waterproof nylon, so, if one compartment has a leak, it won’t spread to the adjacent sections.

For efficient space-saving, it converts easily into a hanging toiletry bag, so you can simply pin it up somewhere convenient and save yourself the effort of unpacking.

Best for: Those seeking a family-sized home toiletries bag that’s great for travel too.

Colours: Black, Polka Dot, or Tan.

Briggs & Riley Baseline Compact Toiletry Kit: Best roll-up toiletry bag

best dopp kit men small briggs riley review - Luxe Digital

The tri-fold toiletry kit by Briggs and Riley is a great amalgamation of performance and style.

The ballistic nylon outer fabric resists general wear and tear, so if you’re looking for something sturdy and tough, this could be perfect.

A velcro strap secures the kit, which helpfully rolls out into a flat hanging ‘cabinet’ of sorts, with mesh and transparent compartments so you can easily navigate it.

Plus, the middle zip pocket features water-resistant lining, so it’s the best choice for storing liquids and creams.

Although it’s specifically designed to fit the Briggs and Riley Deluxe Travel Tote, being neutral in style, the Baseline Compact Toiletry Kit will nicely complement other bags and luggage, too.

Best for: Those seeking a durable, roll-up toiletry bag for short trips or use at home.

Colours: Black

QS PU Leather Toiletry Kit: Best leather toiletry bag

best dopp kit men large QS Leather review - Luxe Digital

Made from PU leather (which is cruelty-free!), the QS Toiletry Kit is a great choice of bathroom travel bag if you love the look of leather but wish to be a little animal-friendly at the same time.

The double zip design allows you to fully open out the bag, allowing for super easy access to everything inside. Plus, the magnetic latch keeps everything safely closed in transit.

Offering good organisation possibilities, the QS PU Leather Toiletry Kit has three compartments in which to assign your toiletries and makeup. Water-resistant nylon lining helps to keep any spillages contained, too.

A fabulous bonus is the drawstring shoe bag and refillable shampoo container, so you can take your organisation a level higher.

Best for: Those seeking a water-resistant leather toiletry bag which offers plenty of space.

Colours: Black.

Gucci Ophidia Cosmetics Case: Best designer toiletry bag

best toiletry bag women designer gucci - Luxe Digital

For those who desire something a little special… The Ophidia Cosmetics Case by Gucci could be the perfect way to infuse a dash of luxe into your life.

This medium-sized cosmetics case is beautifully embossed with the Italian house’s signature print, and trimmed with textured calf leather.

The beige and dark brown colour scheme exudes opulence, finished with a classic gold zip and a royal deep green lining, which contrasts gorgeously with the exterior.

Plus, Gucci Ophidia Cosmetics Case is large enough to fit your touch-up makeup supplies and essentials, but compact enough to slip into your handbag or luggage, too.

Best for: Those seeking a luxury toiletry bag for their daily makeup essentials.

Colours: Beige and Dark Brown.

IQ Travels: Best budget toiletry bag

best dopp kit men hanging IQTravels review - Luxe Digital

The IQ Travels Toiletry bag is the perfect choice, for when you simply need a cheap toiletry bag that does the job.

Complete with three compartments, including mesh pockets and elastic loops, you can keep your things spick and span whether you’re at home or on the road.

A lovely feature of this toiletry bag is that it’s multifunctional: it can be used as a toiletry wash bag, a hanging toiletry case. Or, you can go rogue and not use it as a toiletry case at all. As they’re often water-resistant, these bags can be great for potentially leaky art materials, face paints, or travel essentials for your kids.

The helpful loop means you can hang it up when not in use, plus, it’ll fit nicely in your luggage or backpack if you’re travelling.

Made from resilient materials, the IQ Travels Toiletry Bag comes with an extra-large, waterproof bag for those unreliable shampoo bottles.

Best for: Those seeking a cheap toiletry bag which is stylish yet functional.

Colours: Black.

Gucci Black GG Cosmetics Case: Most expensive toiletry bag

best toiletry bag women expensive gucci - Luxe Digital

This luxury toiletry bag by Gucci makes every other toiletry bag look on in envy. It’s striking, it’s luxe, and it’s totally unique.

Made in Italy from black calf leather, the cylindrical design is complemented with chevron-quilting, and of course, the signature gold ‘GG’ label which adorns the opening.

The spacious main compartment features an elasticated pocket so you can keep things orderly, and the lid is fitted with an inbuilt mirror so you can always be #instaready.

A two-way gold zip serves to contrast with the quality black leather, and the leather handle on top means the Gucci GG Marmont Quilted Leather Cosmetics Case is easy to transport.

Best for: Those who desire an opulent toiletry case which exudes luxe and glamour.

Colours: Black and Gold.

Buyers guide to toiletry bags for women

So, you’ve decided to up your game in the organisational department. When you’re shopping for a brand new toiletry bag, there are a few things to look out for to make sure you get the ideal toiletry bag for you:


Of course, you know best how large or small a toiletry bag you’ll need to fit your essentials. If you’re the kind of girl who possesses different serums, creams and cleansers for every possible eventuality, you’re going to need a larger bag. This is particularly true if you love to travel a lot (but make sure you’re mindful of airport restrictions!).

On the other hand, you might be more of a minimalist ‘bare essentials’ type. So, if a simple dab of lip balm, mascara, plus some dry shampoo and face wipes are all you need, you’re free to opt for a more compact toiletry bag.

best toiletry bags women luxury - Luxe Digital
If you need a generous toiletry bag with ample room for all your essentials, the Gucci Black GG Cosmetics Case is our favourite designer option.


The amount of compartments you’ll need in your toiletry bag depends on how organised you like to be! Toiletry bags with three compartments, plus a few pockets and elastic loops are usually sufficient to adequately arrange your essentials in a logical way.

Consider separating your things into categories such as a separate pocket for skincare, one for hair products, and one for medicines, with your brushes and tweezers held securely in the elastic loops.


If you travel a lot, and are constantly passing through security at airports, you’ll understand the frustration of having to obtain a flimsy plastic wallet for your liquids.

Fortunately, there are many choices of toiletry bags which are crafted specifically for this purpose, like the Lermende Clear Toiletry Bag. Being completely transparent, it’s both TSA-friendly and you-friendly, allowing you to quickly locate your items with no fuss.

Waterproof or water-resistant?

Most quality toiletry bags are designed to be water-resistant. After all, you’re filling them with liquids, gels and creams a lot of the time! If you find a gorgeous toiletry bag, check that it’s got at least one water-resistant compartment. Seriously, it’ll do wonders for your peace of mind when you’re travelling.

100% waterproof is obviously the ideal situation. The Waterproof Travel Toiletry Bag by Skog Å Kust could be an excellent choice if staying dry is your number one priority.

Hanging toiletry bags

If you’re on the lookout for a multitasking toiletry bag which will save you precious unpacking time, a hanging toiletry bag could be the way to go.

Typically, they’ll feature a retractable hook which can be used to hang up your toiletry bag on any available rail. These are brilliant if you want to skip the packing/repacking fiasco that so often comes with travel.

Zips and handles

A strong zip is truly what will be the difference between replacing your new toiletry bag in just a few months, or having it last forever.

If the stitching around the zips are flimsy, no matter how pretty the bag is, this is definitely a no-go. A broken zip can be extremely frustrating, and it’s not like you don’t have enough to worry about when you’re undertaking a journey!

Similarly, if you’re selecting a toiletry bag with a handle, ensure that it’s made from a durable material (leather or nylon, ideally!) and it’s strongly attached. Nothing will cramp your style more than a handle hanging half-off.

best toiletry bags women travel - Luxe Digital

Frequently asked questions about toiletry bags for women

What should go in a toiletry bag?

Really, there are no set rules on what you can put in a toiletry bag. But typically, they’re designed to carry essential toiletries and beauty products like shampoos, face creams, combs and brushes, and makeup. Read our full guide to discover the best toiletry bags for women.

Can I put toiletries in my carry on?

You can put toiletries in your carry-on, but you have to be a little selective on what you bring. When you’re passing through security with your carry-on, you are permitted to fill a clear, TSA-friendly bag with liquids up to 100ml. Aerosols, creams, gels and serums all count as liquids.

What is considered to be toiletries?

Essentially, toiletries are anything you might find in your bathroom cabinet or on your vanity table. Toiletries include personal care items such as skincare, makeup, deodorants, perfumes, tweezers, nail clippers, and much more.

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