Simple Ways To Make Your Penthouse Apartment Feel Even More Luxe

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Penthouse apartments are magnificent on their merit. There’s an enormous list of things to love about them, from the potential for great views to the prospect of having the latest smart home technology installed and ready to go.

Like with any home, though, there’s plenty more you can do with them. It might not seem like many upgrades are necessary, but the more creative you are, the more rewards you’ll have to reap. Every property has foundational potential, but you can really make them shine with additional touches.

Though penthouse properties always cause a stir when they come on the market, you can always raise the bar of extravagance. We’ve listed three simpler ways you can do this below.

Feature Statements

Statement pieces can exude an air of individuality and extravagance. Your penthouse apartment can have a fresh dose of either with every new piece you can include!

‘Statement piece’ is a rather broad term. Many things can pertain to it, including the following:

• Canvas art, sculptures, water features, and anything else considered to be artful and unique. The more reputable and intriguing the work, the better.

• Sophisticated lighting arrangements. Remember, lighting creates ambience, so play around with your use, from colour schemes to which areas you choose to illuminate and emphasise (see the bullet point above for ideas, as lighting your art well can help a great deal!).

• Stylishly bold furniture. Even something as simple as a new sofa can be considered a statement piece if it’s rather ‘out there’ in its appearance and craftspersonship.

Your penthouse is already making a statement. However, there’s plenty of inspiration out there regarding how to add more. Fine-tuning may be a constant process, so keep an open mind.

Overhaul Surfaces

Some surfaces are standard, while others are stylish. It can be a subtle tweak, but one well worth looking into.

When we say surfaces, we refer to things like floors, bathroom tiles, and countertops. You can customise these and overhaul the materials entirely. For the latter two, we recommend you go for materials like granite, quartz, or marble to sell the air of sophistication about your penthouse.

You could consider going the LVT route for floors, as it’s cheaper and more durable than luxury vinyl flooring, despite looking better. Of course, part of the reason for that is because LVT flooring is also easier to maintain with waterproof benefits though looks impeccable. It’s also known as vinyl click flooring and effectively mimics the effect of natural stone or wood.

Play with Nature

It may not seem like a novel or even luxurious idea to spruce up your penthouse with a few plants. Nevertheless, some greenery can add sophistication to your home.

After all, if you’ve secured earthy-looking LVT flooring, adding to that aesthetic with a few plants can also be a great idea. Indoor plants can add colour, oxygenate rooms, sweeten the scent of certain spaces, and create intrigue if they’re exotic enough. You can also decorate with them in innovative and interesting ways, especially if you create something like a lavish vertical garden.

So, don’t just buy a house plant and stick it in the corner of a room. Interweave nature with much of your penthouse, and get creative!

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