The best things to do at home to pass the current boredom and stay mentally fit

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While the initial idea of a no-school, no-work, stay-at-home lifestyle – a social norm we are seeing being rolled out in force worldwide – might be welcomed, at first, with open arms and hopes for a chance to catch up on some rest and relaxation, it is only a matter of time before we all start going a little stir-crazy.

If that is the case in your household then fear not, as we here at LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine have the perfect list of activities and hobbies to kick your post-lockdown boredom and get your blood pumping and your brain working once again.

Learn a musical instrument

There really could not be a better time to finally pick up and learn a musical instrument than during an indefinite lockdown. While many businesses are closing their doors temporarily, the postal service has yet to cease, so make the most of this opportunity by purchasing your very own keyboard, guitar, ukulele, violin, or any other instrument that takes your fancy. Once you’ve mastered that you could even try your hand at composition, songwriting or learning the theory of music.

Develop your art skills

The great thing about art is just how broad and versatile it is, so even if your talents don’t lie in the traditional fine arts, like drawing and painting, you might find you excel at collage, pottery making or crafting instead. For many people out there, art is the perfect means for creative expression and can also be very therapeutic helping to relieve stress levels and improve mental health, something which is very crucial during this time.

Visit online casinos

Although the free time you have on your hands is a great excuse to develop skills and learn new trades, taking a break for something more lighthearted can add balance to your daily routine and break up your other tasks. Online casinos offer a range of games from the much-loved classics, to sports and racing bets, to modernised gambling games, so there is something for everyone after a bit of fun during their day. Browse and pick the very best games to play from the impressive slot games lobby at Unibet.

Learn a new language

If you are looking for an activity to really stretch your brain, why not try learning a new language? The world is full of different languages, from French, to Arabic, to German, to Mandarin and hundreds more, all of which can be self-taught if you are willing to put the work in. Language processing is controlled by your brain’s left hemisphere and so any exercises you do in relation to learning a language can help to develop this side of your brain and also improve your concentration, something which might also come in handy for other activities as well.


Getting some fresh air is always important, especially if you have been hauled up in your house for a while, not just for your physical wellbeing, but for your mental wellbeing as well, so do not disregard your garden, or any other outdoor spaces you may have on your property for that matter, during this time. Test out your green fingers and master the art of gardening – being in nature can also help to promote positive feelings and a stress-free headspace.

Cook and bake

It can be very easy to let things slide in the kitchen. With busy work schedules and lifestyles, finding time to cook fancy meals or bake delicious pastries can be rather difficult…until now, of course. The good thing about being homebound is that access to your kitchen is unlimited and always available, meaning that now is the time to wipe the dust off those cookery books and cake recipes and put your oven to work!

Improve your fitness

So you might not be able to visit the gym right now – no big deal, just bring the gym to you. The Internet is full of every kind of workout machine and aid that you could possibly require. If you enjoy weights, buy some weights, if you enjoy cardio, buy an exercise bike or treadmill, if you’re not the biggest fan of the gym or working out, start, it is scientifically proven that exercise can promote positive feelings and improve mental health.

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