The Hidden Luxury Seaside Gems of Egypt

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We have long been taught in history and geography books about the prime location of Egypt, the marvel of being sandwiched by two seas of very diverse natures and garnished with the artery of life that is the Nile River. Amidst all this, lies the hidden sirens of the storm that is the Mediterranean shore and Red Sea.

Castle Zaman at Taba

Taba is a city world-renowned for its location. Sandwiched in the middle is the hidden gem of Castle Zaman – Literally a Castle – is seemingly carved into the cliff of coral reefs of the red sea. Secluded, but all-inclusive of any item you can wish for on a luxury vacation.

Steigenberger El Lessan at Ras Elbar

Yes, you read that right. For nationals and foreigners alike, this destination wouldn’t come up on the first page of your Google search for a trip to Egypt. Operated by Steigenberger’s calibre of luxury, this is pinpointed at the exact intersection of the Nile River and the Mediterranean Sea! Forget the choice of garden or pool view, here it’s a choice between one of the longest rivers in the world, and the Mediterranean sea, or – if you’re lucky – BOTH!

Rixos Alalamein Hotel

This hotel exists in a historical location associated with World War II, captivating diverse footprints of the culture of this magnificent Mediterranean spot. The Rixos Trademark earns one of the highest rates of stay across the country, but this is where all your worries melt into crystal clear waters and ice-filled cheers.

Bay 7 Resort by Elabd Sidi Heneish

Just as the name suggests, this is a gem resurrected by an Alexandria based Real estate genius Elabd Group. The secluded location of this compound has kept it a hidden gem, with the taste of luxury attracting celebrities that wish to enjoy the chill Mediterranean vibes. A prime location for big groups and families, for a luxurious out of this world vacation.

Jaz Hotel at Alamaza Bay

While the Mediterranean inspires you to chill, there has got to be a place to party. Bringing the Coachella vibes to the Mediterranean, Almaza Bay hosts three-day festivals and music hubs just by existing. Adorned with the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, the soft sands of its beach, Jaz Hotel is where luxury meets hip.

Written by Salma Assal for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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