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Committing to an outrageous, wholly covetable piece of expensive jewellery is – to me – a bit like getting a tattoo. You need to be really sure you’ll like it for a really long time. Otherwise, you’ll live to regret it, and surely it’s a crime for a sparkling treasure to languish in a jewellery box, unworn and with no chance to shine? Luckily, for those who change their mind regularly, and enjoy wearing an eclectic selection of outfits, jewellery rental is booming. Simply choose your piece, pay a rental fee, wear it then send it back. Easy.

So why borrow over buying? “When we rent out pieces, it is definitely led by trends,” confirms luxury jeweller Susannah Lovis. “Tiaras seem to have come full circle in the 25 years we’ve been renting, and larger earrings are back in fashion. There is also a modern approach towards sustainability and we are seeing that in the wider market with dress rentals. It is a great option for those statement pieces that would only ever be worn a few times.”

susannah lovis burlington arcade jewellery

Susannah Lovis, Burlington Arcade, Mayfair

So next time you consider buying a trend-led piece that’s seasonal or, even worse, throw-away, get that ‘new’ feeling by renting and adding to the circular economy. It’s particularly great for bridal jewellery, which risks falling into the wear-once category. “Take your time and try lots of options,” advises Lovis. “We’ve had clients bring in dresses to make sure it’s the perfect piece to complement their outfit. Be mindful of the rental period and add a day if necessary.”

Here’s our guide to the best jewellery rental websites and services out there, whether you want something borrowed for your wedding day, an item to finish off a special occasion outfit or just because.


‘Your jewellery box in the cloud’ is how 4Element describes itself, a rental service that is all about adding joy to your look: think vintage Chanel and Miu Miu pieces straight from the runway. 4Element’s aim is to gather unique designer pieces in one place for all to share, with easy access and prompt delivery. Founder Monika Wojtal believes that the uniqueness of an outfit lies in how it is accessorised and cites a number of reasons as to why jewellery rental is the best way forward for many of us.

“Modern customers place great value on experiences and impeccable service. Additionally, they are increasingly conscious of their economic choices and environmental impact. They actively seek out unique and special pieces, while expecting companies to provide guidance and assistance. We offer an extensive range of jewellery styles, showcasing one-of-a-kind items gathered from around the globe. Our dedicated team navigates customers through our inventory, ensuring they select the most suitable and exceptional jewellery pieces.”



At Susannah Lovis’ boutique in Burlington Arcade, you can rent almost every item on display (only watches are excluded), totalling about 2,000 items. Clients, Lovis confirms, use the service for everything from wedding and special event jewellery hire to pieces for christenings, red carpet events and royal occasions. On the former, “many people opt for bridal jewellery hire for their big day instead of purchasing an item specifically for the event,” Lovis explains. “This allows brides to choose an item that will compliment their wedding dress or outfit so that they can feel and look their best on the day. By hiring an item for a wedding, it also means that you do not need to worry that the necklace, earrings or other jewellery that you have chosen may never be worn again.”

The process is super simple. Book an appointment with the expert team at Susannah Lovis and they’ll help you choose the perfect piece, whether it’s a single item or a matching suite. If you’re keen on vintage Tiffany or Cartier in particular this is the boutique for you. The ‘Hire before you buy’ option is brilliant too, if you prefer to have more time to consider a jewellery purchase. “This offers clients the opportunity to test the water before buying luxury jewellery in a process not dissimilar to test driving a new car before purchasing it,” Lovis explains. “It works particularly well if you’re looking to buy an antique or vintage item from a luxury brand you may not have bought from before. This service is available for all of our items in stock, including bracelets, brooches, necklaces and earrings. Hiring earrings is a particularly useful service as many clients like to assess whether they are comfortable to wear before buying them.”

Rental fees from 1% of the value of the item per day, subject to a minimum charge of £450. Visit


When it comes to luxury jewellery rentals with the most regal seals of approval, it can only be Bentley & Skinner, which, with nearly a century of history, is proud to be ‘Jewellers by Royal appointment to Her Late Majesty The Queen and His Former Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, now His Majesty King Charles III’. The Mayfair stalwart specialises in fine antique jewels, Faberge and silver, with a remarkable collection of engagement rings and tiaras. It’s also responsible for unique works like Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skull, For The Love Of God.

Luckily for us, all of Bentley & Skinner’s jewellery is available for hire, as it says, the “perfect way to adorn yourself in something glamorous for a special occasion, whether it be a pair of diamond earrings for an important dinner party or an antique diamond tiara for your wedding.” Choose from brooches, bracelets, pendants, lockets, earrings, tiaras and more; there’s also a range of jewellery for gentlemen. The important info: you’ll need to put down a deposit to the retail value of the item in cleared funds upon hire, and it’s fully refundable once you return your hired item. It’s also recommended that customers take out temporary insurance for their own assurance.

Rental fees from 1% of the retail value plus VAT for every period of 24 hours or part thereof. A minimum charge of £200 plus VAT per day is applicable. Visit


Don’t be misled by its name: Bag Butler rents out jewellery and accessories too. The company calls itself an “eco-savvy fashionista’s best friend” and believes accessories are what “make an outfit sing and that although life is seldom perfect your accessories can be”. Each season it selects new pieces to add to the inventory so you can “enjoy the brands we know you love, in a fun and sustainable way”. Browse jewellery by Chanel, Chloe, Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu; all items are in excellent condition and were bought brand new by the Bag Butler team in either London or Paris. A courier delivery and collection service makes renting super easy and, although products are mostly hired from four days to 28 days, Bag Butler can offer longer rentals by request for anyone who wants to travel with their rented treasure.



We couldn’t resist slipping this in, although *technically* they are bags. Surely with this many sequins they’re almost jewellery…?! “In our continuing commitment to create consciously, we’ve introduced Anya Hindmarch Rental,” says the brand. “A capsule collection of our favourite styles, both new season and archive, are now available for customers to rent by the day. Supporting a circular economy is integral to long-term sustainability and something we’re proud to champion with this service.” Anya Hindmarch is known and loved for her tongue-in-cheek logo bags and these will steal the show at a special event. Choose from the likes of Dairy Milk, Rolo, Love Hearts and Walkers for seriously sparkly nostalgic style.

Rent a sequinned clutch or tote for £92 for four days at

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