The Ultimate Transportation Concierge in Miami

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Miami is one of the world’s most popular vacation spots.  From the stretch of beaches with turquoise waters down the coastline, to the countless shopping destinations, dining, and exciting nightlife, there is so much to see and do in town. With the help of Mile Per Hour Club (MPH Club), you can make the most of your visit by traveling and experiencing ultimate luxury in Miami and South Florida.

MPH Club

Introducing South Florida’s leading charter service company.  Over the past four years, MPH Club has grown to be the leading authority in luxury transportation. With an extensive fleet of cars, jets, and yachts, all of your vacation dreams can become a reality. Their team of professionals seamlessly book arrangements with the utmost level of care and personal attention. For easy access, MPH has their offices within a hangar at Opa Locka airport, in addition to a concierge booth within the Fontainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach.

MPH Club Car Fleet Miami

Car Service

Making transitions from the airport or to a business meeting a breeze, MPH Club offers transfers as well as chauffeur services. If you’re looking for more personal enjoyment you can also rent a luxury vehicle  to fully enjoy your time in Florida. Whether you are interested in a luxury SUV, sedan, or exotic, MPH has it all covered.  Looking for the best of both worlds? We would recommend switching it up between two of their unique vehicles to enjoy both luxuries. With multiple Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce’s, you’re sure to find the vehicle that best fits your style.

Two of our favorite picks from their fleet are the Mercedes Benz AMG G63 and Rolls Royce Ghost. The Mercedes features their signature pearl white exterior, with a stunning red diamond stitched interior including carbon fiber accents. The rainy Florida weather while in town made this the perfect ride to take on the slippery streets. Once the sun came out, we opted for the classy Rolls Royce Ghost. This black on black ride was as smooth as can be and perfect for the ultimate executive transportation.

Jets & Yachts

Private jet and yacht charters have never been easier with the best in-class service provided by MPH Club. The ultimate in luxury transportation comes with personalized service creating an unforgettable journey. Cruise along the ocean with a private yacht day on 50ft to 250ft Mega Yachts, and jet off to any destination around the world with fully equipped private jets.

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