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Positive Energy Collection – The Joy of Being Still by Universal Soul Company.

Create the perfect atmosphere for your home, with our award-winning products.

A timely & unique 3-in-1 room spray and vegan aromatherapy candle, designed to promote emotional wellbeing by infusing the atmosphere with positive energy.

Formulated with 100% natural essential oils to ‘Awaken the senses and uplift the Soul’.

Room Spray or Pillow Mist or Meditation Spray

Our multi-purpose, alcohol-free 3-in-1 SOUL MIST is energised by crystals. It can relieve tension at a stressful time, whilst adding a touch of luxury with its pure, clean and uplifting scent – our signature fragrance, STILL.

Spritz throughout the day as a reminder to take a moment for yourself, use it to connect more deeply when meditating or on your pillow to ensure the best night’s sleep.

RRP £33 for 100ml and £18 for 30ml.

Our Positive Energy Candle creates a luxurious haven of calm, and energies the environment, whether at home, the office or when travelling. Being non-toxic, they are loved by new mums around babies and children, pet lovers around their animals and home lovers around soft furnishings and linens.

Created with 100% natural essential oils, also in our signature fragrance, STILL, this soy-based candle is non-toxic, vegan and creates no black smoke.

Let the grounding, sensual base notes of patchouli, relaxing middle notes of lavender and uplifting delicate top notes, transport you to the ultimate place of luxury and calm.

Positive Energy Candle in STILL

50 hours burn time approx / 210g RRP £30

15 hours burn time approx / 70g RRP £20

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, No SLS/Parabens/Sustainable/ No Alcohol/Synthetic Fragrance, Non-Toxic, No beeswax.

Stockists include: Wolf & Badger, TriYoga, Gazelli House, B Collect etc

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