If you’ve read about or visited Marrakech, you’d probably know a little bit about riads – traditional Moroccan houses with interior courtyards. For the most part, these structures are often obscured from the street, and require a visit to really discover their beauty inside.  We had the pleasure of staying at the most beautiful riad-turned-hotel in all of Marrakech – Villa des Orangers.

Located just outside of the center of town, in between the Royal Palace and Jemma El Fna Square, Villa des Orangers central location allows for easy access to the city. Aside from the impressive doorway entrance, you’d never know how truly magnificent the interior setting is without a proper tour.



With it’s Five Star rating and Relais Chateaux accreditation, we were expecting a top notch experience, but this one was truly remarkable. The attention to detail is beyond words can explain – with the absolute most intricate carvings throughout the pillars and ceiling, complemented by cozy seating areas and carefully placed orange roses. This regard for detail translates directly into the staff, who are ever so welcoming and helpful with all needs.


Although the hotel is technically in the city, you’d never know thanks to the abundance of greenery. In fact, the property has one of the only proper gardens in the city, bringing a flock of birds that fill the air with a quiet hum. An impressive 16m pool makes for the perfect relaxation spot, along with their phenomenal spa.  Did we mention there’s also a rooftop pool? For a more private lounging experience or to check out views of the city and Atlas mountains, you can spend some time relaxing up top.  Fully embracing the Relais Chateaux culture, the gastronomy experience at Villa des Orangers is truly remarkable. Every meal was in a magnificent setting, and served up the freshest ingredients and unique flavors.




We’ve shared a few of our favorite moments in the photos; but if you’re looking for more or are ready to book your trip now, head over to VillaDesOrangers.com


Photography & Writing by Linda Zuckerman

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