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Home décor can be a difficult thing to nail down for a large number of homeowners looking to create beautiful interiors that they’ll be happy with for years to come. The home is a blank canvas, which we can use to reflect our personalities or even change from an aspirational standpoint – but simply getting started is tough enough without a true idea of what you want to see.

An ongoing trend recently has been to take solid inspiration from contemporary notions of luxury. Celebrity homes and the mansions of top-earners are frequently covered in newspapers and magazines, showing sumptuous pictures of large, airy open spaces and regal décor decisions, most of which have often been created by top interior designers.

These beautiful homes are a great place to find inspiration from when you’re considering switching up your own home’s décor. Below, we outline five elements that will be present in those luxury homes that you can incorporate into your own for a beautiful home interior that you won’t be able to wait to show off.  

Going bold

A beautiful home décor can be all but defined by the colour schemes it employs. Different colours and palettes can have profound impacts on the sense of mood in a space, from the verdant calm of smoky greens to the air and space afforded by warm, neutral hues. For a sense of the regal, lean into bolder colours and let your rooms shine.

Deep, chalky blues are brilliant for feature walls and fancy curtains, while gold accents can be used to offset the depth of colour and bring a French-aristocratic edge to proceedings. If you prefer to keep things a little more muted then you could add a little boldness by sticking with neutral walls and adding a pop of colour on architraves, coving, skirting, on the inside of doors and the like.

Statement centrepieces

Any luxury space worth its salt has something that pulls it all together – a centrepiece that the eye rests on, after having taken in the magnificence of your overall space. For smaller living spaces, this can be something as simple as a coffee table, well-decorated with high-value literature and ornaments. For larger spaces, you can do no better than a statement rug, and artworks can also play a huge part in grabbing attention, with glorious streaks of sheer creativity serving to amplify the inherent value of a room.

Top quality furniture and furnishings

The eye cannot help but be drawn to a room’s furnishings when one enters a given space. While colour and style provide a suitable mood and ambience, it is the things with which you fill a space that gives your guests and visitors a real sense of who you are.

As such, careful decisions should be made about what to include in your space. For minimal spaces utilising light and space, Bauhaus furniture is unparalleled, while for more ornate regal spaces, large, plush 19th-century sofas are a must. When considering carpets, curtains, cushions and the like, the plusher and more opulent, the better as these items will provide a level of comfort that requires careful thought.

Opulent lighting

As well as ensuring that your home is filled with as much natural light as possible, be sure to brighten up any dark corners or those long, winter nights with some carefully chosen lighting. Your light fittings can be statements as much as they can be practical utilities; modern chandeliers accentuate the height of the ceiling in taller reception and living areas, drawing the eye upwards while filling the room with bright light. Antique chandeliers are also artworks in themselves, while ambient lighting strips behind sideboards and under shelving can set the mood well.

A sense of space

Creating a great sense of space can be achieved in a number of ways and is a very effective way of making your home inviting and elegant, while ensuring your carefully chosen items as above can shine.

If you have some awkward spaces in your home then consider if you could open it up or knock down a wall, alternatively, you may wish to put up a wall or create a cosy corner if you find that your abode has areas that aren’t currently working well for you. Be sure to keep surfaces clear of clutter and don’t fill the space with too many items that will detract from the beautiful home you’ve created.

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